Plated Review

Plated review1

FINALLY I’ve gotten around to writing this review. After packing to move then physically moving this got thrown to the back burner. But I wanted to let you know my thoughts on Plated, it might help a few of you to choose whether it’s something to try for you and your family.

So first let’s start with I tried Plated for free. No not because they sent me a free box (though maybe one day A Hole Lotta will be that famous!) but because my wonderful Skimm’bassador friends had a free week to give away so I jumped right on that! (Side note: if you’re wondering what Skimm’bassadors are they are the most wonderful group of facebook peeps who are lovers of The Skimm. THE BEST way to start your morning. Literally. If you need a new AM routine and want to know what’s going on in the world in a conversational way, try it out! Promise you won’t regret it!)

I’ve been contemplating trying a boxed meal service for a few months but just didn’t pull the trigger on price. So this was the perfect opportunity. I jumped on the website, created my profile and got to picking my meals. When you create your profile you can choose your food preferences, I chose no seafood, but then you can further customize your box from there. I chose the plan with 3 meals, so it generated a box for me and then I had the option to swap out any recipes. There are 7 choices with no extra charge and then there is the option for add ons. (Final thoughts on my Plated week at the bottom of the post!)

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Menu Planning #12

After a week of Plated meals, I’m back in action in the meal planning game. I’m going to bring you a review of last week this week (I PROMISE!) And another Chrissy Teigen recipe.

Plus I have a couple new recipes from this week that I’ll owe you. I’m going to try to stay on top of that! Recipe links below!

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Pasta alla Norma from Cravings Cookbook

Pasta alla Norma from Cravings Cookbook

Sorry I’m not sorry for two pasta recipes in a row. But this was so freakin’ delicious that I had to share it immediately. And by immediately I mean two days after I ate it. Though technically I ate it for lunch yesterday too so it’s only a day later 😉

Let’s back up a second though. I have to give major props to my girl Chrissy Teigen. If you know me at all you know that I, along pretty much everyone I know, finds Chrissy to be HILARIOUS. I mean she is, and she has this super cute little family but she’s a model and who would think a model could produce a cookbook that has so few healthy recipes in it? Welp, Chrissy did just that. I’ve been eyeing the cookbook since it came out in February but I was hesitant to buy it since I knew there was going to be a lot of Thai recipes that I had no interest in. So I did the next best thing and got it from the library. Holy crap are there so many recipes in it I have to try! It doesn’t hurt that Chrissy’s humor is evident on every page. Continue reading

Menu Planning #11

Here we are, Monday again!

I checked Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook out at the library so I’m pretty sure tomorrow night’s burger recipe will be from there, plus I forgot to pick another one to make so that TBD on Thursday will totally be from the book as well 🙂 So many more good recipes for me to try than I expected. Aka my I thought with my pickiness I wouldn’t be able to enjoy as many, which is totally the case with a lot of the Asian inspired recipes 😉

And I bought a fat carrot last week so I could spiralize it this week and I think that means chicken noodle/zoodle soup. Even though I’m a weirdo and don’t really like carrots cooked. SO we’ll see how that goes.

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Menu Planning #10


I’d try to defend myself on where I’ve been lately but I purposely skipped last week’s menu planning since I wasn’t home half the week. And I’m ready to kick this week’s butt! Between this menu plus the breakfast burritos I just posted for you, I have a few more things to share so get ready 🙂 Have a great week! — As always, recipe links below

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Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Freezer Breakfast Burritos

I found myself making breakfast burritos again yesterday and realized this was the prime time to bring these easy and delicious breakfast options into your life! Well I won’t lie, they’re not as easy as say the frittata in terms of making. I’m a terrible assembler and always without fail try to stuff too much into my burritos (and enchiladas) and then I get frustrated with they won’t roll up all pretty. But actually, I just want my dang burritos to be stuffed with the yumminess! Is that too much to ask for?

Oh right.. back to these breakfast burritos. So these are just annoying if you’re like me and stuff too much into them. If you can restrain yourself, they’re not annoying at all. AND you get to pop them into the freezer and eat them all week (or over the next couple weeks). Freezer Breakfast Burritos Continue reading

Menu Planning #9

Hello again friends!

Did anyone notice I skipped last week’s menu planning? I told Mom I’m pretty sure the only person who noticed was me since I had to struggle all week to figure out what to eat! So I had a super successful day of cooking yesterday to make up for it and here we are back at it! All the links are below 🙂

I also have to organize my life because I’m pretty sure I have some recipes to bring you.

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